People often ask where we get a few of our nifty items. I decided to make a list of some of my favorite Amazon purchases.

Lucy and Milo love helping me cook and chop things up with these safe nylon knives. Lucy has even cut carrots with these. No one has ever cut themselves. The apron and hat make it even more fun!


We also love making bath bombs! This is the recipe and bath bomb mold we use. We also use a cupcake pan! I find it easier to get citric acid online.


I don't need fancy expensive things to store my leftovers in, but they sure do make my storage cabinet and refrigerator look nice! These containers are amazing and seal really tight. I love them. They are so pretty they make me want to eat the fruits and veggies and leftovers in them.

Sunscreen makes me break out and gives my oldest a rash and irritates my youngest with eczema. The baby is the fairest of them all and actually needs good sun protection. I am in LOVE with this for the whole family. We've tested it at the pool and I was 100% happy with it's staying and protection power.