Frequently Asked Questions



The Details.


  1. How do I book?

    I book everything online at You and I will both get automatic reminders about your session.

  2. What is your fee?

    My fee is $175 an hour plus tax. This fee includes all of your edited photos delivered to you via an online gallery that does not expire. Prints and digital files are a la carte. 

  3. Do you charge for travel?

    I travel 20 miles for free.  I charge $20 in a staggered radius after that. Click here to see my travel fee map. Travel outside of Texas includes flight and lodging. 

  4. When do I pay you?

    After your photo session.

  5. How can I pay you?

    You can pay with a credit card, check, cash, Paypal to [email protected] or Venmo to @carissabyers.

  6. When do I get my photos?

    You will receive an emailed link to your online gallery within two weeks of your photoshoot.

  7. How many photos will I receive? 

    I deliver all of the good ones! You might get 50 or more photos during an hour session. I take a lot of pictures!

  8. What does "editing" mean?

    I edit for color, clarity, and composition to make it the best photo it can be. I fix quick skin and hair issues. After you receive the link to your gallery you can tell me the filename of any photo you might have a special request for like extra fly-aways, cropping, or teeth whitening. I try to keep your photos classic and timeless without any overbearing filters or trends.

  9. What are my options to receive my photos?

    You can download all of your high-resolution digital files for $10 each.

    If you like more than a few you can choose a bulk discount download of your entire gallery of high-resolution digital files for $90.

    You can order a plain flash drive from your online gallery for $110.  Ships quickly.

    You can order a  flash drive from your online gallery for $130 with your photo on it. Ships in a week. This is especially good for weddings, baby milestones, and gifts.

    You can order prints from your online gallery. They are printed by MPix Pro which is available only to verified professional photographers. I keep my print prices affordable because I want you to have beautiful prints from a qualified printer. I inspect every photo that goes to print. A 4x6 starts at $3.

  10. Can I print my digital file anywhere at any size?

    Totally. If you order a flash drive I will send you a paper print release. Many photo labs will not print your photos without a release from me. I've had lots of calls from labs! If this happens to you, consider it a compliment! I highly suggest you print with a reputable printer. You will not get accurate, quality prints from a place like Walgreens or Walmart.

  11. What if it rains?

    If it rains we can reschedule your shoot or seek an indoor location. Or grab an umbrella? So long as my camera doesn't get wet.  I have a small home studio in Lakewood by White Rock Lake with a full-size background usually in white, black or grey. The studio works best for children, small families, individuals, and products.
  12. Is there a cancellation policy?

    Yes. Life happens! Sometimes you just can't keep your appointment. I understand! Please reschedule or cancel with 48 hours notice so that I can adjust my childcare or fill your spot. You will be charged half your session fee for canceling past 48 hours notice. You will be charged half of your session fee if you are a no-show. You can reschedule your appointment online from your booking confirmation email.

  13. What kind of equipment do you use?

    I shoot with a Nikon Z6 mirrorless camera, a Nikon D800, a few lenses, and edit with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

The Look.

  1. What is your style of photography?

    I have always wanted to be a journalist and that's what I went to school to study. Later I found that I love telling stories through images. But I also enjoy a perfect scene. So my photography is in the lifestyle genre, which means I work hard to capture real scenes of your life, beautifully. I try to get some great Look-At-The-Camera photos, but also all the fun in between. I like people wrapped in sunlight, love, and laughter, real relaxed faces directed at the camera, and comfortable photos of people working and playing.

  2. What should we wear for family photography?

    You should wear clothing that reflects who you are. I think wearing comfortable clothing allows you to relax a little and I can focus more on the spirit of your family and less on whether or not your clothing is adjusted correctly. Coordinate your colors. Layers photograph beautifully. You can change outfits as much as you like. Anyone wearing a dress should be wearing underwear that matches or a diaper cover. Anyone wearing a short tight skirt will probably lose a lot of sitting poses. Do a sit test with your clothes and make sure the outfit still sits on you favorably.

  3. What should we bring to a family photoshoot?

    I focus on people more than props. I think a nice blanket or something to sit on is sufficient. Balloons, flowers, tricycles, big balls, and active items can be fun.

  4. When is the best time for outdoor photoshoots?

    Sunrise and Sunset are the golden hours that offer the most attractive natural light. Ideally, we want to avoid anything around the noon hour when the sun is highest in the sky and makes harsh shadows. Click here to check sunrise and sunset times in Dallas, Texas.

  5. How do I prepare my house for a photoshoot?

    Light is everything! Choose the best time for natural light in the areas that you want to shoot in. Big windows with light streaming in and no harsh shadow lines make the loveliest photos. CLEAN the area that we will be shooting in of clutter. Pretend that room is going to be in a magazine. No lotion bottles or water bottles on the nightstands, tuck cords away, make sure rugs are flat and straight, make sure art on the wall is straight, clear the floor, move the baby gear, clear the counters, and make your bed. It is helpful if the whole room is tidy so that I am not limited to one angle or waste time moving things out of the way.

  6. What are some good outdoor places for photoshoots?

    I am open to exploring any location with you! Click here to see some suggestions.

  7. My child is different. Can you handle different?

    I love different! Different is interesting. I love who kids are, as they are, and I have zero expectations for them. I have three children and I know the looks that elicit the coveted Awwwwww  from us. I'm very good at quickly processing a child's personality and comfort zone and seek to relate to them in every way possible. I really try to get on their level and make the photography session fun! My own children are ages 6, 8 and 16, so I have experience with a broad age group. I've worked with a lot of children with mental or physical disabilities and made it an easy and enjoyable experience for them. I've photographed super-shy kids and tiny tornadoes and we've all had the best time.

    Patience really is my superpower. I can handle different. Any advice from you about your child specifically is always helpful.
  8. How can I help get the best smile out of my child?

    I work with positive reinforcement only. "You're doing great!" "You look amazing!" "That's a very creative pose!" "Yes, we can do a silly photo too!" "I'm so proud of how still you can be. Now you can jump!"  I'm here to capture the genuinely best part of your life. I have a few tricks up my sleeve to get kids to smile and play. 

    My favorite photos come when children are really engaged with me. Not looking around or staring at an iPhone being held over my head. The parent sideshow is a last resort. 

  9. What should I wear for headshots?

    Choose the look that best represents your occupation. If you're an artist, reflect this with your clothing. If you're in a suit and tie business, wear a suit and tie. We can make it more casual by taking some shots without the jacket or tie. Make sure your clothing is clean and pressed. W

    If your doing group office shots, make sure the team is on the same page for the dress code you desire.

  10. What if I don't like my photos?

    That has never happened. But should such a tragedy occur, I will work with you to find a fair solution. It is extremely important to me that you are happy with your experience.