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Portland Vacation 2018

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We had the most perfect summer vacation in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington. The actual traveling part was easy and everything was on time. Our rented house in the Alberta District was lovely. Our neighborhood had everything we needed for living and for fun. The weather was chilly and a refreshing break from the Texas heat. Every meal was a joy in taste and family time. We planned nothing and followed our nose about to see the sites, which is my favorite way to travel. With no schedule or expectations, everything you do is a success!   ACS_0029ACS_0029 Milo thoroughly enjoyed his first plane ride.  DSC_3254DSC_3254 We ate at the Grilled Cheese Grill, which was a close walk from our house. DSC_3297DSC_3297 DSC_3326DSC_3326

Every business and house had a Black Lives Matter sign or some type of peace and equality signage. Every single one. It was a big impact.  DSC_3330DSC_3330 DSC_3339DSC_3339

We had coffee at Case Studies Coffee. Lucy and Milo were playing a rock counting game. Lucy asked Milo to count the rocks in his head instead of out loud. He put the rocks on his head. DSC_3369DSC_3369

We felt right at home in our rented house. DSC_3384DSC_3384 DSC_3422DSC_3422

We saw the Goonies rock with the amazing Provisnal family. Kristina took all the photos with me in them. I'm in some photos! Then we went to the most beautiful beach. Quiet and enormous with gorgeous rocks and waterfalls. I'm still thinking about it. It was cold, but Lucy couldn't resist jumping in. Milo couldn't run fast enough from a wave and he ended up wet and was not nearly as delighted about it as Lucy. We had a fire and roasted s'mores.  DSC_3482DSC_3482 beachwfriends_17_42836336532_obeachwfriends_17_42836336532_o DSC_3545DSC_3545 beachwfriends_20_42836331862_obeachwfriends_20_42836331862_o DSC_3619DSC_3619 DSC_3729DSC_3729 DSC_3712DSC_3712 DSC_3840DSC_3840 DSC_3817DSC_3817 DSC_3890DSC_3890

Milo dug holes in the sand forever.  ACS_0038ACS_0038 ACS_0047ACS_0047 ACS_0053ACS_0053 ACS_0057ACS_0057 ACS_0063ACS_0063 ACS_0062ACS_0062  


We ate delicious noodles and dumplings at XLB. We made wishes on someone's front yard wishing tree, ate shave ice at Wailu Shave Ice, enjoyed Finnegan's Toy Store and Powell's Books in downtown Portland. DSC_3929DSC_3929 DSC_3936DSC_3936 DSC_3944DSC_3944 ACS_0080ACS_0080 dinnerwfriends_06_28987970028_odinnerwfriends_06_28987970028_o dinnerwfriends_21_41050002260_odinnerwfriends_21_41050002260_o dinnerwfriends_07_42812180672_odinnerwfriends_07_42812180672_o

Kristina cooked an amazing dinner for our large families and we enjoyed their adventurous back yard full of fun. We went bouldering with them and I fell in love with it! On our last day we went to the International Rose Test Garden. DSC_3969DSC_3969 DSC_3975DSC_3975 ACS_0130ACS_0130

It was the perfect length of time. Where you want to stay longer, but are also happy to be going home. I've been wanting to get away just for fun. Somewhere far and not just traveling for work or family. (No offense work or family.) This vacation really filled me up.


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