Lucy's 6th Birthday

December 07, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

DSC_1654DSC_1654 Lucy turned 6 this year surrounded by her friends and family at ASI Gymnastics. SIX! Lucy has been a bright and shiny beacon of light in my world since she was born. There is no one like her. As her reading skills bloom her other artistic and musical talents become more vibrant and intentional. Lucy is very creative. She sings and plays the piano and makes art constantly.  She performed in her first piano recital this year and didn't miss a note. She said she was really nervous and her heart was beating fast and you could see the relief when she sat down, but she was so composed up there! She participated in a musical theater class and continues dancing with Studio B. 

She jumped and ran and smiled with her friends at her party and has enjoyed meeting so many new people at school. She had cupcakes and singing in her class on her birthday week. We were so happy to have Grandparents Miller and Papa in town to celebrate such a wonderful occasion!

My children's birthdays are a momentous feeling for me and her party was a total success. Happy Birthday, Lucy!

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