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The Ginko is My Favorite Tree

November 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


DSC_1080DSC_1080 The Ginko is my favorite tree. There is one a block over from us that turns into the most brilliant yellow tree every fall and every time we pass it, which is at least twice a day on school days, someone says, "There's mom's favorite tree!" It's gorgeous. Ginko leaves are like rose petals. They are soft and smooth and they flutter if you toss them into the air. They do not turn into a crunchy dirty mess. It's like a silk rug around the bottom in the fall. I love them.

This year the property that this tree is on was sold and the house is currently vacant for remodeling. We were driving by and I happened to have my camera and the tree was almost at the end of losing all of its leaves. I pulled over and we had the best time playing in the yard.

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