CARISSA BYERS PHOTOGRAPHY | Easter 2016 at Tietze Park

Easter 2016 at Tietze Park

March 25, 2016

DSC_1254DSC_1254 I love Easter at Tietze Park! Some kids are real go getters with the egg gathering. The eggs are in a roped off section and when someone says Go! the kids rush in and fill their baskets.

My kids are kind of slow and thoughtful and methodical. Even when they are rushing it's more of a mental stressor than actual swiftness. Knowing this we were pressed right at the edge of the rope to be first in the gate. And despite being first and despite the hundreds of eggs everywhere, they came away with zero. Zero eggs. None. I mean, it was baffling how this could even be possible.

Which we were not making a big deal out of. But some sweet organizer saw them still digging around for maybe just one forgotten treat, went and got a bag of eggs and created a little Easter egg hunt JUST FOR LUCY AND MILO. It was incredibly generous. I was touched. You can see the sweet guy standing in the background of this first photo in the black shorts by the boxes.

He really made our day.

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