Milo's 2nd Birthday

May 21, 2016

IMG_5657IMG_5657 On May 21st Milo West turned 2 years old! He got to celebrate with grandparents from Oklahoma and Michigan. He made whipped cream for his strawberry shortcake and cried when we sang him happy birthday. 

Milo is amazing. He is sweet and cuddly and smart and blonde. He adores Lucy and Penn. He went from hating the child care at the YMCA while I worked out to LOVING it and crying if we go straight to the pool. He loves swimming and is big enough to wear a puddle jumper. He likes choo choo trains and trash trucks and his toy microwave. He likes Peppa Pig and Mickey Mouse and chocolate. He loves chocolate. 

I love him. I love this age. I love his smile, his beautiful hazel eyes and how he says "Peeze" and "Thank you mommy" and "Wassat sound?" I love him. 

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