CARISSA BYERS PHOTOGRAPHY | Headshots for Modern Message

Headshots for Modern Message

January 05, 2016

DSC_3900DSC_3900 I had the great pleasure of shooting some some headshots for Modern Message. Modern Message helps apartment communities spread the word online about how awesome their residence is. It is also where Daniel works. :) You can follow them on Instagram,  Facebook and Twitter. DSC_4897DSC_4897 DSC_3609-2DSC_3609-2 DSC_4911DSC_4911 DSC_3758-2DSC_3758-2 DSC_4713DSC_4713 DSC_3738-2DSC_3738-2 DSC_4684DSC_4684 DSC_4081DSC_4081 DSC_4728DSC_4728 DSC_3983DSC_3983 DSC_4723DSC_4723 DSC_4194DSC_4194 DSC_4886DSC_4886 DSC_4227BDSC_4227B DSC_4853DSC_4853 DSC_4321DSC_4321