CARISSA BYERS PHOTOGRAPHY | Fourth of July in Oklahoma

Fourth of July in Oklahoma

July 04, 2016


We went to Oklahoma to The Farm again for the Fourth of July. We had a 24 hour delay to wait out Lucy's surprise stomach virus, but once on the road it was a great and healthy trip surrounded by friends, family, food and a huge homemade fireworks extravaganza. Since some of the cousins couldn't make it we were so grateful to have Penn's friend Bramm join us!

This was the first year Milo and I have gotten in the water and gone kayaking. It was a quick and busy weekend and not much captured in my big camera. Just enough for Lucy to remember how much she loves her cousin, Grace.  And Milo called all his Troop cousins Elsa because he thought they were the princesses from the movie Frozen. Which kind of melted me every time he asked for them. "Where's Elsa?"

Happy Birthday, America.

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