CARISSA BYERS PHOTOGRAPHY | Thanksgiving Break in Arkansas

Thanksgiving Break in Arkansas

November 24, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

We went to see my Nana in Arkansas over Thanksgiving break. She moved to hospice care so we knew it might be one of the last times we all got to be together. It rained constantly for the entire trip so I just took photos with my phone. It was nice and sad and nostalgic to go back and hug her and see the old photos she kept around in her room. I love my Nana dearly. She taught me a lot about taking the high road and cooking. She might have had some strong opinions, but she was never judgemental towards me. I felt her love constant no matter my successes or my failures. She spent a lot of time with me at church, playing checkers with me and gave the best back scratches. Blanche LaJoy was a wonderful woman and I will always have good stories about her to tell my children while we make her chicken and dumplings.


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