Baby Cadence Rocks the Mini Session

August 10, 2016

DSC_1376DSC_1376 Look at this adorable little sweetheart! This family rocked the mini session. Mom and dad are bright and smart and happy and amazing and Candace is such a perfect combination of them. I love them!
DSC_1325DSC_1325 DSC_1222DSC_1222 DSC_1314DSC_1314 DSC_1250DSC_1250 DSC_1406DSC_1406

Summer Portraits

July 31, 2016


I love this brother and sister SO MUCH! They had a great Summer Mini Session.


DSC_1435DSC_1435 DSC_1458DSC_1458 DSC_1546DSC_1546 DSC_1513DSC_1513 DSC_1629DSC_1629


Lucy and Milo

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DSC_0816DSC_0816 DSC_0791DSC_0791 DSC_0788DSC_0788 DSC_0793DSC_0793

One Year Anniversary Portrait in Highland Park

July 16, 2016

DSC_9393DSC_9393 We started early for this couples one year anniversary portrait in Highland Park. It was a gorgeous morning with soft sunlight and a gentle temperature. I love their light airy colors against the deepness of the summer foliage and their sweet playful personalities and willingness to get in the water with me. DSC_9411DSC_9411 DSC_9441DSC_9441 DSC_9458DSC_9458 DSC_9477DSC_9477 DSC_9547DSC_9547 DSC_9559DSC_9559 DSC_9629DSC_9629 DSC_9723DSC_9723 DSC_9739DSC_9739 DSC_9774DSC_9774 DSC_9792DSC_9792 DSC_9805DSC_9805 DSC_9844DSC_9844 DSC_9899DSC_9899 DSC_0018DSC_0018

Exploring with the Kids

July 14, 2016


The kids and I spent some time walking around a Dallas park.

DSC_8895DSC_8895 DSC_8820DSC_8820 DSC_8838DSC_8838 DSC_8905DSC_8905 DSC_8844DSC_8844 DSC_8858DSC_8858 DSC_8944DSC_8944 DSC_8992DSC_8992 DSC_9062DSC_9062 DSC_9096DSC_9096 DSC_9131DSC_9131 DSC_9175DSC_9175 DSC_9210DSC_9210 DSC_9264DSC_9264 DSC_9291DSC_9291 DSC_9306DSC_9306 DSC_9343DSC_9343

2016 Summer Mini Session

July 14, 2016


I haven't done a mini session since 2007. But it is SO HOT outside right now I would love to bring you all indoors for an awesome air conditioned Summer portrait!


There is limited availability on July 29th and 31st only. Each session will be 20 minutes in the studio. You will get up to 5 edited images in an online gallery. Prints and downloads are purchased separately. This portrait is going to be best for individuals, kids or small families. 


Click here to book your mini session online and we can discuss the details of making you a smashing Summer portrait!

Newborn Portrait for a Adorable Baby J

July 10, 2016


I got to photograph sweet, brand new baby J. She is soft and cuddly and perfect and has the most adoring parents. Welcome, little one!

DSC_8192DSC_8192 DSC_8199DSC_8199

DSC_8187DSC_8187 DSC_8225DSC_8225 DSC_8102DSC_8102 DSC_8257DSC_8257 DSC_8284DSC_8284 DSC_8293DSC_8293 DSC_8310DSC_8310 DSC_8340DSC_8340 DSC_8370DSC_8370 DSC_8391DSC_8391 DSC_8416DSC_8416 DSC_8448DSC_8448 DSC_8527DSC_8527 DSC_8706DSC_8706 DSC_8732DSC_8732

Summer Baby Portrait at the Lake

July 08, 2016



We went out early in the morning to shoot a summer portrait for Baby T. The weather was gentle and his blue eyes were so sweet and sparkly. I've been watching him grow since he was a newborn and he manages to be cuter every time I see him! I love this stage where their personalities really start showing off. I also love that his amazing parents were willing to step in for a few, even though Baby T. was supposed to be the focus. They were great!

DSC_7716DSC_7716 DSC_7423DSC_7423 DSC_7434DSC_7434 DSC_7483DSC_7483 DSC_7458DSC_7458 DSC_7449DSC_7449 DSC_7545DSC_7545 DSC_7562DSC_7562 DSC_7677DSC_7677 DSC_7640DSC_7640 DSC_7862DSC_7862 DSC_7967DSC_7967 DSC_7964DSC_7964 DSC_7996DSC_7996 DSC_8032DSC_8032 DSC_8023DSC_8023 DSC_8035DSC_8035

Fourth of July in Oklahoma

July 04, 2016


We went to Oklahoma to The Farm again for the Fourth of July. We had a 24 hour delay to wait out Lucy's surprise stomach virus, but once on the road it was a great and healthy trip surrounded by friends, family, food and a huge homemade fireworks extravaganza. Since some of the cousins couldn't make it we were so grateful to have Penn's friend Bramm join us!

This was the first year Milo and I have gotten in the water and gone kayaking. It was a quick and busy weekend and not much captured in my big camera. Just enough for Lucy to remember how much she loves her cousin, Grace.  And Milo called all his Troop cousins Elsa because he thought they were the princesses from the movie Frozen. Which kind of melted me every time he asked for them. "Where's Elsa?"

Happy Birthday, America.

Click here to see last year.

DSC_7241DSC_7241 DSC_7210DSC_7210 DSC_7200DSC_7200 DSC_7219DSC_7219 DSC_7252DSC_7252 DSC_7264DSC_7264 DSC_7267DSC_7267 DSC_7270DSC_7270 DSC_7286DSC_7286 DSC_7295DSC_7295 DSC_7320DSC_7320 DSC_7374DSC_7374

Maternity and Three Year Old Portrait

June 30, 2016

DSC_6417DSC_6417 DSC_6420DSC_6420 DSC_6439DSC_6439 DSC_6481DSC_6481 DSC_6491DSC_6491 DSC_6498DSC_6498 DSC_6526DSC_6526 DSC_6536DSC_6536 DSC_6601DSC_6601 DSC_6621DSC_6621 DSC_6718DSC_6718 DSC_6739DSC_6739 DSC_6839DSC_6839 DSC_6877DSC_6877 DSC_6900DSC_6900 DSC_6938DSC_6938 DSC_6963DSC_6963 DSC_6985DSC_6985

DSC_6984DSC_6984 DSC_7000DSC_7000 DSC_7042DSC_7042 DSC_7084DSC_7084 DSC_7102DSC_7102 DSC_7145DSC_7145 DSC_7181DSC_7181 DSC_7184DSC_7184

First Birthday at the Northwood Club

June 25, 2016


I had the greatest pleasure to shoot this little guy's first birthday party at the Northwood Club! His beautiful and creative mother thought of everything! Every detail was exquisite and whimsical and a perfect backdrop to celebrate his first wonderful year surrounded by friends and family. I love birthdays!

DSC_5872DSC_5872 DSC_5484DSC_5484

DSC_5517DSC_5517 DSC_5508DSC_5508 DSC_5516DSC_5516 DSC_5526DSC_5526 DSC_5532DSC_5532 DSC_5562DSC_5562 DSC_5593DSC_5593 DSC_5599DSC_5599 DSC_5794DSC_5794 DSC_5935DSC_5935 DSC_6244DSC_6244 DSC_6237DSC_6237 DSC_6219DSC_6219

Milo, headphones, "coffee" and Dino

June 24, 2016

DSC_6359-2DSC_6359-2 DSC_6362DSC_6362

Private Equity Firm Headshots

June 23, 2016


These headshots are photographed as the company requires them in a beautiful building in Downtown Dallas for a Private Equity Firm. DSC_5439DSC_5439 DSC_5449DSC_5449 DSC_6173DSC_6173 DSC_1694DSC_1694 DSC_1677DSC_1677

Spring at the Arboretum

June 20, 2016


This family finally got to fulfill the portrait they booked in the Fall of 2015 in the Spring of 2016! It was a scorcher at the Arboretum but we were on a roll as soon as I found the funny in this handsome little man. His feet are stinky and that is HILARIOUS. This day was worth the wait!

DSC_3805DSC_3805 DSC_3761DSC_3761 DSC_3807DSC_3807 DSC_4234DSC_4234 DSC_4271DSC_4271 DSC_4359DSC_4359 DSC_4422DSC_4422

On Father's Day

June 14, 2016

DSC_3705DSC_3705 DSC_3715DSC_3715 DSC_3717DSC_3717 DSC_3744DSC_3744 DSC_3749DSC_3749